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February 20 to March 3, 2024

#kreativmuenchen Shop in the Ruffinihaus
am Rindermarkt 10, 80331 Munich

Opening hours:

20.02. - 24.02.

26.02. - 03.03.

12am - 6pm

10am - 7pm

Discover all exhibitions & SCHMUCK week events:

 Trade fair grounds


This year‘s international special show EXEMPLA will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of natural stone! The exhibition will showcase a wide variety of creative crafts that work with the beauty of different types of stone. Impressive objects, sculptures and everyday items are on display.

Bettina Speckner, image rights by Künstler.JPG

Academy for Craft and Design

Presentation of the continuing education programme "Design in Crafts" at the Academy of Design. Further training in design in the craft sector opens up a wide range of opportunities: Directly after your training or parallel to your work, you can open up new prospects - for a leading position in design development, for more creative quality in your projects, for specialisation in convincing customer advice. You are on your way to more design expertise for your planned self-employment, or you are opening the door to university study.


Talente Award

As part of the special show "Talents - Masters of the Future", which is dedicated to young designers and covers various trades, including jewellery, an international jury will select eight winners in the fields of technology and design. The award recognises work that stands out for its innovation, unusual approaches, topicality, curiosity and quality of conception and execution. The winners receive a certificate and a mention in the following year's "Talents" catalogue. Winner in the jewellery category 2023: Susie Heuberger (MX/DE) and Haisheng Liu (CN/KR) Photo: Susie Heuberger, necklace "Ofrenda", cotton, poly silk, ink, garnet, corn from Oaxaca, wrapped, drilled, sewn, knotted; Photo: Nima Ashrafi StudioNima Ashrafi Studio


Special exhibition SCHMUCK

Every year stylistically iconic and fascinating with its unique selection: the SCHMUCK special show is the annual event in the field of author jewellery. In 2024, works by 61 outstanding jewellery artists from 23 countries will be on display – curated by Norman Weber. The highlight of the special show will be the presentation of the Herbert Hofmann Prize on 2 March 2024 at 5 pm in Hall B1 on the Fairground Munich.

Georg Dobler, image rights at Künstler.jpeg

- Masters of the future

As part of the special show "Talents - Masters of the Future", which is dedicated to young designers and covers various trades, including jewellery, an international jury will select eight winners in the fields of technology and design. The award recognises work that stands out for its innovation, unusual approaches, topicality, curiosity and quality of conception and execution. The winners receive a certificate and a mention in the following year's "Talents" catalogue. Winner in the jewellery category 2023: Susie Heuberger (MX/DE) and Haisheng Liu (CN/KR) Photo: Susie Heuberger, necklace "Ofrenda", cotton, poly silk, ink, garnet, corn from Oaxaca, wrapped, drilled, sewn, knotted; Photo: Nima Ashrafi StudioNima Ashrafi Studio

Aušra Maciulaitiene, image rights by Künstler.jpg

Herbert Hofmann Prize

The renowned Herbert Hofmann Prize is awarded by an international jury as part of the SCHMUCK show. The prize is named after the initiator of the first jewellery show in 1959. The GHM - Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen awards the prize to jewellery artists whose work is exemplary due to the innovation of the idea for the jewellery, originality of the concept, outstanding craftsmanship, wearability and adorning effect. Prize winner 2023 Tamara Marbl Yoka (BA/NO), Jutta Kallfelz (DE), Neke Moa (NZ)

Tamara Marbl Joka_01.jpg

Bavarian State Prize
for design and technology

The Bavarian State Prize for special creative and technical achievements in the skilled trades is awarded as part of the International Crafts Fair. The prizes are endowed with 5,000 euros, and the winners are selected each year by a jury that scrutinises the exhibits at the trade fair and the written applications received. The decisive factors are innovation, design concept and quality of execution. Winner 2023 Lisa Walker, New Zealand Photo: Lisa Walker, pendant made of textile, acrylic paint, cotton wool, ceramic Bavarian State Prizes 2023 (

Lisa Walker_04.jpg


Renowned national and inter- national galleries frame the special shows and present real treasures: exclusive jewellery, ceramics and artistic design at the highest level! Let yourself be fascinated and in- spired, because FRAME stands for the extraordinary, exclusively at «Handwerk & Design».


Danner Foundation

Founded in 1920, the Danner Foundation promotes craftsmanship in Bavaria and supports talent in all trades and new creative trends in the craft sector. In addition to the triennial Danner Prize competition, it supports projects, catalogues and exhibitions as well as class competitions at technical colleges and academy classes with an arts and crafts focus. Since 2005, the foundation has also sponsored the special exhibition " Schmuck". In 1984, the foundation began to build up an International Contemporary Jewellery Collection, which now comprises around 600 pieces representing jewellery from the post-war period to the present day and is shown in changing curated exhibitions in the Danner Rotunda, which opened in 2004.



Graduates of further education and training programmes up to one year after graduation. The EU Erasmus+ programme promotes professional stays abroad for young people and adults from the skilled crafts sector. Support is provided, for example, for study visits to companies or participation in vocational competitions. The stay can take place in all EU countries and many other countries. Trainees as well as journeymen and graduates of further training can take part up to one year after their graduation.


Where did jewellery begin? The current exhibition "Jewellery all along the line" shows how the origins of jewellery - a string - developed into a wide variety of meanings and forms, continued in an unbroken line through the history of humankind and is still valid today. We follow this line and show the origin of the string as a jewellery object through to contemporary examples by international goldsmiths. The Galerie Handwerk in Munich is the cultural institution of the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria. It is part of the department for the fostering of handicraft in Bavaria and was founded in 1968. It is the task of the Galerie Handwerk to communicate the quality and sustainability of the arts and crafts to a wide audience.

John Parkes, photo Eva Jünger.jpg

Arnoldsche Art Publishers 

Arnoldsche Art Publishers offers a unique list of titles in the fields of fine art, applied art and design. Our focus is on the comprehensive coverage of selected subject areas within the applied and fine arts as well as monographs on outstanding exponents of the arts. In publications on art jewellery and ceramics, Arnoldsche leads the field worldwide. Glass, fashion and textiles as well as painting, sculpture, photography and art from outside Europe are also given top priority in our programme. Arnoldsche together with the Art Jewerly Forum presents three publications by artists from the USA, Switzerland and Germany.

Keith Lewis, Another Haruspex, 1995; Photo © Douglas YapleEsther.jpg

Die Neue Sammlung -
The Design Museum

The Neue Sammlung - in the Pinakothek der Moderne since 2002 - was founded in 1925 and is the oldest and, thanks to its collections, one of the largest design museums in the world. The Danner Rotunda - the jewelry room in the Pinakothek der Moderne - was opened in 2004. Since then, the jewelry collections of the Danner Foundation and the Neue Sammlung have been shown here together in changing presentations, accompanied by monographic exhibitions on the protagonists and presentations of jewelry classes.

Rotunda detail.jpg

Kompetenzteam Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft

"The City of Munich's Cultural and Creative Industries Competence Team is the central point of contact for all cultural and creative entrepreneurs and self-employed people in Munich. The KT KuK ensures that impulses from the cultural and creative industries are carried as spill-over effects into other sectors and into urban society. The KT KuK works to improve the framework conditions for a successful cultural and creative economy in Munich.

RH outside.JPG

Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V.

The Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst im Deutschen Goldschmiedehaus Hanau introduces itself. The Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst supports artists by organising competitions, issuing publications and presenting awards. It is responsible for the content of the Goldschmiedehaus, which provides a platform for the jewellery and hollowware scene with constantly changing exhibitions. In addition, there are accompanying events, guided tours, lectures and goldsmith workshops for children.

Academy of Fine Arts Munich 

The aim of the jewelry class in Munich is to offer freedom to examine jewelry and equipment. Creating freedom for students means bringing awareness to existing limitations that exist both inside and outside the jewelry sector. In addition to ethical or physical ones, there are also less tangible limitations on jewelry that are determined by society. In collaboration with the students, these limitations, traditions and existing power structures can be examined and/or challenged, and what is taken for granted can be examined.

Academy Munich.png

Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein e. V.

The gallery was founded in 1992 with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of applied art in the artistic creation of our time. With its eight exhibitions a year, the gallery serves as a forum for exploring the various positions and trends in contemporary applied arts. A highlight of the year is the members' annual exhibition, where the latest works by members of the association are presented in a comprehensive show. The BKV is showing works by Bettina Dittlmann - "Not nothing, but a lot" and "Portrait in the shop", Kathrin Sättele



Scheytt Gallery

Jewellery is not meant for the showcase, jewellery should be worn. Bringing both together under one roof, the special pieces of jewellery and the special people who make "their" favourite piece shine, that was the vision when we founded our gallery for jewellery and art. Since 2016, we have been showcasing a unique selection of wearable, high-quality and unusual jewellery from over 70 renowned studios and workshops. The range is complemented by changing exhibitions of contemporary art.


Maurer Zilioli

JASMINE MATZAKOV THE LORE OF SINNERS, CUNTS AND WHORES Jasmin Matzakow's most recent works - majestic and monumental, sensual and provocative at the same time - are reminiscent of archetypal cultic body ornaments. They lead us into another world in which the feminine itself corresponded to a mythological dimension. Matzakov wants to transport us into this atmosphere. Goddesses, high priestesses, wise women and female primal emotions are evoked here. Innovative, archaic, even solemn harmony and splendour thus come into force, which are vividly manifested in Jasmin Matzakow's quasi "heroic" necklace. February 27 – March 3, 2024 Amalienstr. 21 80333 Munich Opening hours: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 11 a.m. – 6 p.m Soft opening: Tuesday, February 27th, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m

Jasmin Matzakow, The Lore of the Cunt, 2023, Chicken Eggs, Cow Intestines, Iron Wire, photo Stefan Heuser.jpg


Quittenbaum Gallery is dedicating a survey exhibition to the artist couple Margit Hart and Fritz Maierhofer with works from 1970 to the present day. Maierhofer came to free jewelry art at the end of the 1960s, creating trendy works in tune with the times. Margit Hart found inspiration for enamel brooch objects in the USA. The juxtaposition creates an exciting understanding of the subtleties of their artistic concepts. Both delve into new materials and new techniques to create conceptually innovative yet wearable jewelry and wall objects. Quittenbaum Gallery represents contemporary artists who work across borders.

Quince tree.jpg

Biro Gallery

Jewellery as an artistic medium Olga Zobel Biró founded the gallery in Maxvorstadt over 30 years ago. Originally specialised in plastic jewellery art, the gallery has expanded its spectrum in recent years and today stands for contemporary author jewellery by top international top representatives. The artistic idea, no longer the material, takes centre stage. in the foreground. Kinga Zobel has been on board since 2010. Together they are committed to contemporary jewellery contemporary jewellery every day. Their consistent approach and global commitment has made the gallery has made the gallery one of the leading international institutions for contemporary jewellery. In addition to the changing solo exhibitions in the gallery, the team curates numerous international and national exhibitions. A project close to the gallery's heart is the museum founded by Olga Zobel Biró is the museum for contemporary jewellery in Cagnes sur Mer, southern France. For over 20 years, she has curated an exhibition here almost every year in which countries or regions are presented. Most recently "Regard sur l'Australie" in 2022. "Our passion is contemporary jewellery and we want to share the enrichment in our lives and the joy we experience through jewellery."


Wittenbrink Gallery

GALERIE WITTENBRINK Munich has been working successfully with international author-jewellery artists for several decades, making it one of the few galleries in Germany to show contemporary jewellery alongside painting, sculpture and photography. Our jewellery artists include Otto Künzli, David Bielander, Florian Weichsberger, Henriette Schuster and Mirei Takeuchi. OTTO KÜNZLI - DIE PROFESSIONELLEN / THE PROFESSIONALS Friday, 23 February 2024, 7 - 9 pm Saturday, 24 February - Saturday, 9 March 2024 Gallery Wittenbrink, Türkenstrasse 16, 80333 Munich Tue - Sat from 11 am - 6 pm

Otto Künzli, brooch, white gold setting, brick, velvet on wood, silver, Corian.jpg


We simply love to curate! If you are looking for a sophisticated approach to a specific theme – KUNZT66 offers exclusively curated solo or group exhibitions in any format and on any theme for corporate clients, companies and brands. Inspired by your specific needs, KUNZT66 will work closely with you to get your ideas right. Johannes‘ practical expertise and knowledge of contemporary art provides each client with a thorough overview of the artworks best suited to their needs. At KUNZT66 we present the latest works by Misha Kahn in co-operation with Galerie Biro. Vernissage is on 28 February at 9pm 12-in presence of the Artist- Welcome by Michael Buhrs-Villa Stuck 29.02. - 03.03. daily 12-18h


in collaboration with Galerie Biro 

Ventil - Workshop and gallery for jewelry 

Ventil, founded in 1980 by Hans Gericke and Doris Sacher in Munich. In our workshop, jewelry is made from gold, silver and precious stones. In our gallery we show contemporary jewelry in permanent exhibitions and solo exhibitions.


Isabella Hund

Isabella Hund has had her own jewellery gallery and workshop in the centre of Munich near the Frauenkirche since 1997. The gallery owner focuses exclusively on high-quality contemporary jewellery with over 70 outstanding jewellery artists and designers from Germany and abroad. Exhibitions with avant-garde jewellery designers take place regularly. The Isabella Hund Gallery presents Graziano Visintin with his unique pieces of jewellery made of gold and enamel.

Graziano Visitin, @Eva Jünger.jpg

vonform Gallery 

VONFORM is an open space for design and art with a permanent presentation by Jan Roth (light), Scarlet Berner (ceramics) and changing exhibitions by and with colleagues from design + art. Gallery vonform shows the class for jewellery and utensils AdBK Nuremberg, Prof. Suska Mackert

GEDOK Munich e.V.

Looking for Wonderland Jewellery from Vienna and Munich galerieGEDOKmuc shows a wonderland of colours, shapes and materials with extraordinary works by Christine Demmel, Elisabeth Drude, Andrea MAXA Halmschlager, Kristina Kundt, Gerti Machacek, Alessandra Pizzini, Gottlinde Singer GEDOK Munich is the largest regional group of the nationwide GEDOK organisation, which was founded in Hamburg in 1926 as the "GEmeinschaft Deutscher und Oesterreichischer Künstlerinnenvereine aller Kunstgattungen" by the patron Ida Dehmel (1870-1942). The association is recognised as a non-profit organisation. Its members work on a voluntary basis to improve the special living and working conditions of women artists. Image rights: Graphics/GEDOKmuc_cd/2024, Bubbles/Unsplash/DrewBeamer

gedok_wonderland motive_600px.jpg

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